At DR, we are pioneers in the design and creation of customized work environments. Our objective is to provide the client with tools that make their work environment more functional and user-friendly, allowing for maximum integration within the environment. We comply with the highest standards of quality and ergonomics.

We adapt to
your needs

If a child wants to personalize their mobile phone case or an adult wants their vehicle to stand out from their neighbor’s, even if they have the same make and model, why wouldn’t you seek that differentiation in your project?

Customize each position, adapt the measurements of each position, choose how to integrate the equipment, select the colors and corporate images to incorporate, and tailor all the furniture to operational needs and available space. Create your Control Center, Crisis Room, Technical Room, or Laboratory to be unique, incorporating state-of-the-art furniture and IT solutions, all adapted to your needs and expectations.

Design and Create

DR offers you the possibility to configure and adapt the furniture that your project needs, without incurring a significant increase in your budget.

Operation Consoles

Designed for a 24/7 operating environment. High adaptability and integration of equipment and systems. 100% customizable.

Technical Furniture

Designed for different environments: auxiliary positions, laboratory positions, etc.

Meeting rooms

Furniture designed to have all IT services in a group environment specially designed for meeting rooms. Custom-designed products.


Solutions aimed at optimizing operational positions and recurring tasks, facilitating the treatment of information.

We are pioneers in the design and creation of custom-made products.

DR was born with the aim of meeting the demand of customers who required products and projects with very specific specifications. From the beginning, we focused on innovation and the design of high-quality products, thus becoming pioneers in the creation of customizable and configurable product ranges.

All around the world