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About us

Our Pillars

We came into the world in the year 2013, with ‘professional’ genes and extensive experience in industrial design and manufacturing. From our inception, our product range was created to meet the needs of clients and projects. Over the years, we have evolved to expand our coverage and services, adapting to the challenges of each project and maintaining a policy of continuous improvement.

The company’s founders had the ‘vision’ that, in an increasingly standardized world, customers seek more personalized and tailored solutions to their needs, hence the ‘philosophy’ of the company to personalize each and every one of the products that come out of our production line. With the objective of facilitating the client’s daily work in a pleasant, optimized, and functional environment, and providing ‘solutions’ adapted to each challenge presented.

Our values of integrity, good work, and commitment are what we try to instill in each member of the company, and our customers value them. With the ‘commitment’ to always offer the best solution to the customer, emphasizing product quality and customer satisfaction.

Santos de la Rosa


Juan Carlos Fernández


Nuestra historia

Foundation of DR

The company is established as DR Representaciones, and we begin our activities by bringing our experience and values into the sector.

The launch of Alyssa

We are launching our first line of operation consoles in the market to serve our customers, the Alyssa Series.

1000 units produced

Our growth reaches the milestone of the first 1000 units produced thanks to the projects we have worked on.

Launch of Scout

As we establish ourselves in the market, we continue working on our own product series and launch our Scout Series.

We arrived in the USA

As we continue to grow, DR reaches the milestone of 5000 units produced while we introduce ourselves to the US market under the name of Endurance Consoles.

First projects in the USA

After entering the US market, we have completed the first projects.

Expansion of product lines

With the growth experienced through production milestones and international expansion, we are launching new product lines.

Modernization of our image

With the launch of our product lines, we carried out a re-branding of the company for a comprehensive modernization of the brand.

Quality Guarantee

At DR, our priority is to provide products and services of the highest quality. That is why we are proud to have the ISO 9001:2015 certification, which guarantees that we meet international quality management standards. This demonstrates our commitment to excellence and the satisfaction of our customers.