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Control Systems

Complete control of rooms and systems

Get the maximum level of automated control of rooms with ControlBridgeTM. Use this comprehensive system to connect and control everything in conference rooms and control rooms: audiovisual systems, including projectors, sound, screens, and others; KVM systems; and room controls, such as lights and blinds. Instead of fumbling around trying to prepare the room, just press a button or use a touch panel. With ControlBridgeTM, you can focus on the objective, not the technology.

Control your rooms and work environments.

Integrated control of AV and Room.

Lower the screen, dim the lights, turn on the sound, and share your presentation, all with just the press of a button.

Automation and local/remote control.

Access and control audiovisual systems, room automation, and other equipment through Ethernet, serial, IR, digital I/Os, and relays connections.

Scalable technology integration

Choose control processors for small or large applications. You can integrate them with already used technologies.

Unlimited input devices

Control applications with any number of touch screens, buttons and mobile devices.

Connect everything you need