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KVM Control Center

A superior user experience and improved workflow, greater collaboration and better decision-making. Quick access to mission-critical systems from any user console, simultaneous operation from a single desktop, immediate switching to hot backup machines, remote operation from backup control centers, access to physical and virtual machines through a single KVM environment, etc.

4K KVM over IP Switch

Emerald KVM over IP allows remote access to multiple PCs and servers as well as virtual machines. It distributes DisplayPort and DVI video signals and USB 2.0 over IP.

IP-Based KVM

Provide connectivity through an IP network so that control room operators can access and share mission-critical computer equipment located remotely.

Digital KVM Matrix Switch

Provide connectivity through a dedicated switching system for control room operators to access and share mission-critical computer equipment located remotely.

MultiView KVM

View and access multiple computers on a single screen with full KVM control.

MultiView KVM

Make a desktop setup that includes multiple monitors and multiple operating systems. It should have a single keyboard and be able to switch between computers instantly just by moving the mouse cursor from one monitor to another.