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Discover our range of video wall control devices, designed to provide you with precise control over your displays and maximize their visual impact. With our advanced solutions, you can effectively manage content distribution, create flexible configurations, and enjoy an immersive experience. Simplify the operation and maintenance of your video wall, and enhance your message with captivating visual impact.

Radian Video Wall Processor

Create videowalls in command centers, control rooms, and mission-critical operation centers with Radian. This highly scalable multi-window canvas gives you the freedom to compose videowalls with windows of any size anywhere on the wall without screen limitations. Radian is designed for quick switching and 24/7 operation with multiple redundant components. With a full set of features and progressive software, Radian is the best value in high-end videowall control.

Radian Flex

Take a step forward in videowall processing and visualization. Remove the hardware and have a 100% flexible and scalable videowall platform. Because there is no hardware, any expansion is simple and affordable. There is an option of dual controllers to ensure safe operation in case of failures.