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CWP Series

Your console for high performance

The CWP series was born as a solution for an independent Control Position.

Designed for high-performance Control Centers, it was conceived with a large equipment capacity, without open spaces that could disturb the operator’s attention, providing a private space and facilitating system control with a single glance.

A console designed for critical environments and priority management, with full access throughout the position, to avoid operational downtime due to maintenance actions.

Designed for critical environments.

Ergonomics and design for the operator.

By incorporating electric height adjustment in the workspace, footrest, and the option to integrate monitors with electric operation, we aim to alleviate operator fatigue.

Serie Alyssa​

Open multipurpose console. It has the capacity to adapt to any operational position. Configurable in size, shape, and colors. Designed for positions with high equipment needs.

Serie Scout​

Open and versatile console with the ability to integrate equipment. Customizable, in size, shape, and structural color. Designed for positions with high equipment needs.

Your product tailored to your needs.

To complement your solution, we offer a range of proprietary and commercial products, adapted to the position chosen by the client. Our technical office will also create the necessary elements for the integration of any client-owned equipment that requires implementation.